Thursday, June 18, 2015

De Nederlandse top 5,000 Twitter accounts

Vandaag is op de Twopcharts website een overzicht geplaatst met een overzicht van de Nederlandse top 5,000 Twitter accounts. Een dergelijk overzicht kan bij een enkeling vragen opwerpen over de gevolgde methodiek, en hoe goed die dan wel niet is. Een gevolgde methode is altijd subjectief en de een zal zich er in kunnen vinden en een ander niet. We zullen hier een korte uitleg geven over de methode.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Your Twitter mentions in an Excel sheet

It is now possible to retrieve a history of the mentions of a Twitter account into an Excel sheet.

Registered users of Exceltweets, a webservice that makes using Twitter with Excel easy, can retrieve up to the last 800 mentions of their account, and store them in an Excel sheet for any further analysis to their own specifications.
The maximum of 800 mentions is a limit imposed by Twitter, which can be restrictive for some accounts that receive many mentions. For those accounts there is the possibility to use a search tool to find mentions of their account. Where search has a the restriction that it only goes back about 7-8 days, it does not have the limitation of 800 results.  On the download page of Exceltweets there is also a sample Excel sheet that can be used for search.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Your Twitter followers in an Excel sheet

A few years ago I wrote a blogpost that made an effort to explain how you can set up an Excel sheet that is able to post tweets on Twitter.  Figuring out how to do it was quite a challenge, and it is a tedious job to get it right. Unfortunately, it is still not that easy for most people, even when the process is explained step by step. However there are great advantages to being able to use Excel for certain Twitter tasks. To make it much easier to use Excel, a website was set up called Exceltweets, which tries to take most of the complexity out of the process. An additional advantage of using Exceltweets is that a user does not need to set up a Twitter application to perform tasks, and sample Excel sheets can be used immediately as a starting point for users who want to create Excel sheets to their own specifications. The latest sample Excel sheet makes it possible for an account to retrieve Twitter profiles of their followers and/or following, and in this blogpost it will be explained how it works.

Monday, December 23, 2013

The 100 global most influential non-personal Twitter accounts

There are still many people who believe Twitter should be about communication between real people, and accounts that are created by organizations, often tweeting through automated tools, should be frowned upon. It is however a fact that many organizations find Twitter a very effective tool to send messages to however wants to read them. It is also a fact that there are accounts that attract millions of followers who read their tweets. In the overview below an attempt was made to show the 100 most influential non-personal Twitter accounts.

This overview is not just about followers, but more about which followers the accounts attract. Instead of just taking the accounts with the most followers, it was checked which accounts were followed by the top 5,000 Twitter accounts in the world. So the top ranked non-personal account is the account followed by  the most, and highest ranked, top global Twitter accounts. The scoring mechanism is explained at the bottom of this post. Follower numbers were calculated on December 23rd, 2013. You can find the 100 highest ranked non-personal Twitter accounts below:

The 100 most influential Arabic female Twitter users

When the end of the year is near, it is always a good time to compile some lists and overviews. One overview that we thought could be quite interesting is the list of the most influential female Twitter users who tweet mainly or occasionally in Arabic.

Being influential in this case does not mean simply having the most followers on Twitter, but is determined by who the account is followed by. The potential reach and influence of a tweet can potentially be higher when it is viewed by someone who is influential and has many followers and can further extend the reach of a tweet. This can be done by simply retweeting a tweet, but also by using it in a blog post or through traditional media like papers, magazines, radio and television. Also this overview is explicitly taking language into account. Having many international followers that do not understand Arabic will not help to get a higher ranking. The maximum score that can be achieved is 100, and further explanation about the methodology is given at the bottom of this blogpost. The number of followers was calculated as of the end of December 22nd 2013. You can find the highest ranking Twitter accounts below:

Friday, December 20, 2013

De 100 meest invloedrijke Nederlandstalige Twitter dames van 2013

Tegen het einde van het jaar zijn we allemaal dol op lijstjes en overzichten. Een overzicht dat daarbij niet mag ontbreken is een lijst met de meest invloedrijke Nederlandstalige vrouwelijke twitteraars.

Invloedrijk staat daarbij niet gelijk aan het hebben van een enorm aantal volgers, maar wordt in dit overzicht bepaald door degenen door wie je gevolgd wordt. De mogelijke invloed van een tweet zal namelijk groter zijn als die iemand bereikt die het bereik van de tweet verder kan vergroten, bijvoorbeeld door een retweet, maar ook door verwerking ervan in een blogpost of via traditionele media zoals radio en tv. Ook houdt dit overzicht uitdrukkelijk rekening met het taalgebied van de twitteraars. Heel veel internationale volgers die geen woord Nederlands spreken helpen dus niet om een hoge ranking te krijgen. De maximale score die iemand kan krijgen is 100 en nadere uitleg over de methodiek staat onder het overzicht. Het aantal volgers dat getoond wordt is de stand van vrijdag middag 20 december 2013.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

The last 100 million Twitter accounts

According to the account counter on Twopcharts, Twitter will register account 600 million in about 10 days. This means that Twitter will have registered 100 million new accounts in just over 100 days. In a previous post it was already demonstrated that a registered account is not necessarily an active account, and it may be interesting to analyse the activity of these last 100 million accounts. According to our research we believe the following numbers are a fair and accurate representation of the profile of the last 100 million accounts.
  • 18.5% of newly registered accounts have become inactive in a period of 3 months. These can be both deleted accounts and suspended accounts.
  • 20.2% of the registered accounts are not following anyone and have not sent a single tweet, which makes it hard to imagine that these accounts are in any way active users of Twitter. 
  • 2.3% of the last 100 million accounts are protected.
  • Use of standard "egg" as profile image: 48.9% of registered accounts.
  • Use of location field: 14.8% of registered accounts
  • Use of account description field: 16.9% of registered accounts.
  • Use of both location and description: 10.2% of registered accounts.
According to our definitions, an active Twitter user sends a tweet on average at least once per week, and has sent at least 1 tweet in the last 30 days. 15.1% of registered accounts meet this definition. In other words, we believe that for every 100 million new registered users there are 15 million new active accounts. When we apply a wider definition, including all accounts that send a tweet at least twice per month, and have sent a tweet in the last 60 days, the percentage of active new accounts increases to 21.3%. On a daily basis this means that Twitter is growing with about 150-200 thousand active users every day.