Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Twitter Lists

Last week Twitter rolled out the lists feature to all Twitter users, and many tweeps have immediately started to create lists for many different categories. We have started to experiment immediately with the Twitter Lists feature and are now making two reports for the language charts on Twopcharts.

The first report is tracking all the lists which are made by tweeps appearing in the twopcharts and all relevant followers of the different language accounts. At first we tracked all lists, but now the volume is increasing we are limiting again to the 1000 lists with the most subscribers. We will not cut off exactly at 1000 lists, but include all lists with the same amount of subscribers as number 1000 on the list.

The second list we are reporting is showing the amount of lists someone is appearing on. At the moment this is quite a task, since Twitter has not yet included the amount of lists of a user as a reported number in the user status. Since we are not only interested in the amount of lists but also the reach of those lists, being the amount of subscribers, we still have to evaluate all lists anyway, but we think this will allow for a more meaningful number.

It is still too early to tell how well lists will work and how popular the feature will end up to be, but we do believe that lists will be an interesting indicator for the popularity and interest in specific users. A ranking of users showing the number of lists they appear in and the reach of those lists may therefore be an interesting indicator to track.

At the moment we are still making the reports on an ad hoc basis, but they will probably become part of the normal weekly reporting cycle. For the different language versions of the twopcharts the two lists can be found here: French, German, Dutch.

Because of workload restrictions we are not yet planning to produce lists for the various cities we are tracking. Once the process becomes easier to manage and more stable we may reconsider this.

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