Monday, January 25, 2010

Changes to city charts

Dear Tweeters,

We have made some changes to the way we will be updating the Twopcharts for cities. From now onwards we will save the last chart of the previous month in the database history, which you can always retrieve by checking your history. During the month we will make several updates, but only save the last update of the month, until we reach the end of the month.

Furthermore we have changed the way the ranking is done, in order to make it easier to understand. The Twoplist is now ranked based on followers, and not anymore based on our proprietary qualifying system. We do still however use the qualifying system to determine if someone will be listed in the Twopcharts. Effectively this means that Tweeters who are following more than 3000 people need to have more than 3,000 followers to get listed. If they qualify, all followers will be counted, and no subtraction will be made for excessive following. The main beneficiaries of this new and simpler system are popular tweeters who tend to follow back.

Although we started the Twopcharts with the intention to show the top-1000 for a city or a language, we are gradually expanding the list to a top-5000 list. A big advantage of this expansion is the fact that when you use the search feature more meaningful results will be found.

We are still looking forward to many improvements in the future and hope you will continue to enjoy the Twopcharts!

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