Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Changes to Twopcharts

As of January 31st we have made some changes to the way Twopcharts are compiled. These changes are the following:
  • The ranking for the Twoplist is now determined by the total amount of followers and no longer by the qualified amount of followers.
  • The Twoplists will be gradually increased to about 5,000 tweeters
  • History data will no longer be tracked on a weekly basis. but on a monthly basis, while every month a number of updates will be made.
If your data is in the history file of twopcharts it is easy to see what the changes mean for you. For the end of December 2009 we have registered your data both in the old way and in the new way. The "old" way is dated 31-12-2009 for the German lists and 30-12-2009 for the French lists, while the new calculation method is shown on the following day with the same data.

We have made these changes for a couple of reasons. It is now easier to search and find tweeters in a certain language, because of a language scanner that we built and use, which will make it easier to expand the lists. We also wanted the charts to be easier to understand, and using qualified followers was a concept not always easily understood by everyone.

With the qualified followers, an algorithm is used that makes corrections to the number of followers based on the following behavior of a user. This is done in an attempt to avoid listing mass following accounts and spam accounts. The qualified followers are still used to determine if a certain tweeter should be listed at all, but no longer to determine the ranking position of someone.

For the Tweetlist nothing changes, and it is still built from the population of tweeters that has qualified for the Twoplist.

Because of the use of an automatic language scanner, it is now much easier to determine in which language tweets are sent, and expansion of the list makes the search functionality much more meaningful. If a certain keyword is used to search the bio's of tweeters, the chances of a result are higher as well as the potential amount of results that are found.

The reason to go to a monthly history, with intermediate updates, is the desire to both manage the size of the database and give more flexibility to the moments where intermediate updates are made.

I hope you will understand and appreciate these changes, which going forward will allow us to keep adding functionality and expand the amount of languages that will be represented in the Twopcharts.

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