Thursday, May 24, 2012

The last 100 million Twitter accounts

According to the account counter on Twopcharts, Twitter will register account 600 million in about 10 days. This means that Twitter will have registered 100 million new accounts in just over 100 days. In a previous post it was already demonstrated that a registered account is not necessarily an active account, and it may be interesting to analyse the activity of these last 100 million accounts. According to our research we believe the following numbers are a fair and accurate representation of the profile of the last 100 million accounts.
  • 18.5% of newly registered accounts have become inactive in a period of 3 months. These can be both deleted accounts and suspended accounts.
  • 20.2% of the registered accounts are not following anyone and have not sent a single tweet, which makes it hard to imagine that these accounts are in any way active users of Twitter. 
  • 2.3% of the last 100 million accounts are protected.
  • Use of standard "egg" as profile image: 48.9% of registered accounts.
  • Use of location field: 14.8% of registered accounts
  • Use of account description field: 16.9% of registered accounts.
  • Use of both location and description: 10.2% of registered accounts.
According to our definitions, an active Twitter user sends a tweet on average at least once per week, and has sent at least 1 tweet in the last 30 days. 15.1% of registered accounts meet this definition. In other words, we believe that for every 100 million new registered users there are 15 million new active accounts. When we apply a wider definition, including all accounts that send a tweet at least twice per month, and have sent a tweet in the last 60 days, the percentage of active new accounts increases to 21.3%. On a daily basis this means that Twitter is growing with about 150-200 thousand active users every day.


  1. Do you guys have the numbers for the same stats of the 100 million users before the last 100mm? Would be interesting to compare.

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